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                                               Buying Guide
                                                                                                                     Apartment Models

       If you are in an apartment/condo and don't have access to the main water line coming into your home, you can order one or both of the two apartment models:
the Shower of Life Deluxe Vortex Water Revitalizer ,VWR, or the Kitchen Super Deluxe VWR.The shower unit has an universal 1/2 inch female end and
the kitchen unit comes with a faucet adapter that should also fit your sprayer attachment.

                                                                                                                  Whole House Models


       If you live in a house, the best solution is to get the Whole House model, which will be installed on your incoming water line before the line splits into the hot and
cold pipes, irrigation systems or other outlets. If you install the whole house model, you do not need the kitchen and/or shower models. The most popular size is the ¾ inch
Whole House VWR, which most homes have for their plumbing. Larger homes will have 1 to 2 inch plumbing coming up to the house, but only need the 3/4 or 1 inch size
piping going inside the house. However, in a large home, you may want to install a larger sized VWR to accommodate your landscaping...it all depends upon your needs
and how your plumbing is set up.
       NOTE: You may use a smaller size Whole House unit going into your home to save on costs, but just be aware that it should match the existing plumbing size otherwise
you will have a drop in water pressure. It's not going to matter-if you have one inch plumbing going up to your home and then it breaks down to 3/4 inch, you can save time
and money by installing a one inch to a 3/4 inch adapter on your mainline and then the Whole House unit (as long as it matches the plumbing size going into your house).
You do not need to install the unit after it's broken down in your existing plumbing (where it's difficult to get at): You can install an adapter at the easiest
access for you...a few feet is not going to make any noticeable difference in your water pressure, just match the sized plumbing that is going into your home.
       NOTE: Stainless steel must be used in certain industries that go by strict protocols according to the FDA, NSF, EPA and SWDA.
      The only exception is if you are using a filter for your drinking water, and insist on keeping it inline. (Filters tend to make the revitalized water go flat in comparison with
non-filtered revitalized water). You can order either the ¼/3/8 inch standard VWR for filters or you can order our latest design, the River of Life VWR for filters. Both units
come with snap-on adapters to fit either a 1/4 or 3/8 inch line. Do a test with your filter and without your filter to see if you notice the difference how your water tastes.

                                                                           Already have a whole house filter e.g. water softener?

      You can install one of our whole house models after your whole house filter/softener. See how it works for a couple of weeks so you get to know the benefits of the
Vortex Energized Water System. After this, you can experiment with bypassing the filter/softener and see if the VWR will be able to treat your water on its own to your
satisfaction. We believe the VWR stands by itself more efficiently than having other units inline that don’t improve the quality of your water.

      There are issues with water softeners as: calcium build up in the plumbing and around shower areas and other areas where you use water (sinks, bath tubs, coffee makers, dishwashers, washing machines, distillers, etc), plus having salt in your water, if you have a softener that still uses salt crystals. You also have maintenance issues.

       The VWR unit changes the water into a hydrophilic condition and softens the water which allows you to have the liberty of using less soaps and detergents as everything
rinses off "squeaky clean".

                                                                                                              Traveling Solutions

       Bring a revitalizer or two with you wherever you go. So many customers have asked us how they can get revitalized water while traveling. There are several solutions to this situation. First of all the shower and kitchen models will fit on most faucets/showers around the world and they are easy to install/uninstall in most situations. The Kitchen Super
Deluxe model comes with an universal adapter for the faucet. The Shower of Life is a standard 1/2 inch connection.You can also use the water out of these units for drinking,
preparing food, etc.

                                                                                                            Hard Water Problems

        In many cases the VWR will address all the problems our customers have. In some cases it may be necessary to use additional equipment. The recommendation is to
start by installing a whole house Vortex Water Revitalizer first, and then see if all of your water issues have been resolved.

       Customers that have had taste and/or smelling issues have testified that those problems were resolved, as well as iron staining and tastes.
       The River of Life model is more pricey, but has proven to be more efficient in all aspects.
                                                                                                         Commercial VEWS Units
       Sizes are available up to 4" in our store, but if you need any custom sizes to fit your needs please contact us and we'll get you squared away as soon as possible.
If you have any suggestions, comments, experiences or useful insights, they would be most appreciated from us at Vortex Energized Water Systems.

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